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The Company’s Ordinary Shares are freely transferable and tradable and there are no restrictions on transfer. The Company is admitted on the Access segment of the Aquis Exchange Growth Market.

On 29 June 2022, the Company created a warrant instrument pursuant to which the Company would issue warrants to FSCF over 1,014,426 Ordinary Shares.

As of October 21, 2022:

  • Number of Ordinary Shares in issue: 52,149,858
  • Shares not in public hands: 48,115,361
  • Percentage of shares not in public hands: 92,26%
  • Percent of shares in public hands: 7,74%

significant shareholders

Shareholder Number of Existing Shares Held % of Existing Shares Held
MNL Nominees Limited 15,000,000 28.76%
Ridercam Systems Limited 7,390,982 14.17%
Aalto Capital AB 6,809,015 13.06%
Jim Nominees Limited 4,355,238 8.35%
Stifag Aktiebolog 2,857,142 5.48%

Directors’ holdings


Current Shares

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Marc Dixon



*Angel Business Services Ltd owns through MNL Nominees Limited and Premium Nominees Limited 7,292,738 Ordinary Shares, which represent 13.98 % of the Company’s Ordinary Shares.

*Dominic Berger owns directly and through MNL Nominees Limited and Ridercam Shares representing 7.09% of the Company’s Ordinary Shares. Dominic Berger’s stepson manages Angel Business Services Ltd and Premium Nominees Limited. Aggregating their shareholdings, this gives a total of approximately 21.67% of the Company’s Shares.

**Omni Egis plc owns directly and through MNL Nominees Limited 4,033,930 Existing Shares, which represent 7.74% of the Company’s Ordinary Shares.

We develop digital content solutions that enable the world’s travel and leisure destinations to optimize revenue opportunities through enhanced guest experiences and brand extension.

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